Lash Services







What to Expect During Service

Full Sets & Fills

Be prepared to lay flat for an extended period of time with no interruptions.

Let your family know where you will be.

Please place cell phones on Do Not Disturb.

Feel free to bring earbuds to listen to your choice of music or podcast.

Avoid caffeine or any other products that will keep you from relaxing.

Expect to have a little nap on a warm, cozy bed.

You will have a thorough consultation prior to your service, including photos before & after.


After Care


 Avoid any products containing oils, steamy showers, steam rooms, ovens, or drying with hair dryers.  Do NOT brush lashes when wet.  Cleanse them daily, and brush them regularly.  It's best to sleep on your back.  NO MASCARA!


Cleanse lashes daily!  I do not recommend any other cleansers or make-up removers.  I provide you with your first bottle of foaming cleanser with your new set, and have them available for purchase.  

Clean Lashes are Happy Lashes!

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